Bamboo - luxuriously soft and environmentally friendly :)

Where are we headed?

“The Dodo required nothing of us to survive except our absence” - ‘A short history of nearly everything’ by Bill Bryson.

Do you know the animated film - Ice age? All of the main characters are based on animals now extinct, right?

Imagine in 5/10/25/50 years watching a similar film, except the main characters (NOW EXTINCT) are classifications of #rhino #elephant #tiger #dolphin #bat #turtle along with the #giraffe #cheetah mountain #gorilla #polarbear sumatran #orangutan and the #bee - to name a few.

I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of social media in general, but one of the very positive things to come from me pursuing an interest in and interacting on Instagram over the past year is the awareness I have procured around Animal Rights and Conservation.

I am still quite ignorant about what’s going on in any real detail, but I am more aware than I was yesterday and tomorrow I will be more aware than I am today.

It always starts with awareness because without awareness how can we do anything about it??

PS – For now I won’t even get into the immense sadness I feel surrounding the devestating fires in Australia.